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Summer courses of Udmurt under the program The Udmurt language and the culture of the Udmurts

The Udmurt State University, the Faculty of Udmurt Philology are organizing summer courses of Udmurt under the program The Udmurt language and the culture of the Udmurts, which will be held 13.07.- 02.08.2009. The courses will provide teaching at the beginners’ and advanced levels. The program of both levels will contain lectures (44h) and practical lessons (58h).

Besides classes an entertainment program is being planned.

The cost of the courses will make 280 €, including expenses for board (3 meals a day) and lodging as well as an entertainment program.

Applications to the courses are received till 01.05.2008 to the following address:

Ul. Universitetskaya, 1 
Izhevsk 426034 

e-mail: finnugor@udm.ru
dmitjef@mail.ru Dmitrij Jefremov
tel. +7(3412) 916 170